Opportunities of ICT Business of Bangladesh
SWOT Analysis of the sector
Presence of Skilled workforce
Cost value proposition
Convenient time gap between US and ours (a strong advantage for IT enabled sector)
Government Incentives in terms of Tax and other benefits

Inappropriate Governing laws and legislations

Lack of proper exposure to International markets

Infrastructure issues

More and more firms are outsourcing their IT related functions to companies in South East Asia

With the ever increasing development of the global IT sector demand for IT services is always present

Untapped market in terms of supply perspective


Rise of neighbor nations in the IT field leading to their IT industry achieving a higher international market share of the outsourced services

With communication being enhanced to such a level, location is now no longer an issue. Hence competition base is much more widened.

With the IT services moving up the value chain ladder there are every possibility that our skill personnel base may become redundant owing to obsolete technology.

Thrust Sector

IT sector have been identified as one of the thrust sectors in Bangladesh export policy. Computer software could not record the desired level of export through the sector offer bright prospects for earning foreign exchange. So, government of Bangladesh has taken the following course of action to boost up the sector.

For the development of human resources in the software information of computer science, courses in all universities including BIT (Bangladesh Institute of Technology) and Polytechnic Institute and selected colleges shall be considered similarly for having a pool of skilled and trained instructors basic computer scheme at graduation level may be introduced.

An Information Technology Village making multifaceted facilities shall be established as part of infrastructure development for promotion of export in this sector.

As a fillip to effective software marketing appropriate provisions on protection of intellectual imports shall be incorporated in the existing copyright Act.