IT Enabled Services

This is perhaps the newest segment in the ICT sector of our country. Medical transcription, GIS services, data warehousing and mining are still very new to our economy. Although there are firms who have entered this arena they are still very much in the infancy stage. Interestingly enough all the ingredients required to operate in this industry are already present in the country. It is up to association like BCS to increase this awareness among potential investors as well as existing ICT houses of the considerably potentiality in the ICT enabled sector. Furthermore our country owing to the convenient time difference with US enjoys a convenient time gap, which can be exploited if marketed properly.



Under this category lies all networking related service providers as in Satellite communication providers, ISPs, WAN and LAN providers etc. Bangladesh got a taste of online Internet only recently (1996). However from that time on and also due to some pragmatic Government Decisions the number of internet users has increase substantially over the years. At its present rate it is expected that by the end of this year about a half a million of people will have access to Internet.

Currently Bangladesh primary gateway to the Internet is still through a VSAT. While VSAT installation and regulations were quite exorbitant recently in an effort to increase the growth, VSAT regulation have been considerably minimized. This positive step has triggered an increase in not only the number of ISPs but also WAN and satellite communication service providers. In addition the Government has taken up plans to get the country connected via the submarine cable as soon as possible. With the expected connection to this cable coming into place next year, one can only imagine the growth that will be witnessed in the ISP sectors of our country.

An offshoot under this sector would be the dotcom industry. With the correction of the dotcom value in the NASDAQ exchange, the growth of this industry never really took off. Furthermore current regulations are not conducive for such growth. E-commerce, which is playing a significant role in the global economy, has no role to play in our primarily owing to Government regulations. However recent developments have suggested that Government will revise the laws to promote cyber use. It is expected that with the enactment of these laws the number of Dotcoms would increase considerably. Also e-commerce a new facet, at least for our country’s perspective would be introduced and thereby injecting more dynamism into the economy.

• Predominant share of the ICT sector lies in the Hardware retail market

• Of late there has been noticeable shift into the software arena as more and more corporate houses realize the benefit of computing power

• Current software house are targeting not only local clientele but also international ones two

• Ingredients for software growth as well as ICT enabled service already present; all that is required is international exposure for these units

• Internet introduced in 1996

• Internet till now is being accessed through VSAT

• With the expected connection through Submarine Cable internet speed and there communication is likely to increase manifold

• Likely growth in internet is also likely to spur growth in other ICT segments as in ICT enabled service providers, dotcoms etc.

• E-commerce still not a practicing concept owing to current national laws.

• Current Government has taken up plans to devise and enact new cyber laws that would promote and protect its usage